Little Menu

Soup with vegetables of the day
French onion soup with cheese gratin
Soup of Zeebruges fish with toast and rouille
1/2 chicken with salad and french fries
Sandwich with ham, cheese, raw vegetables and eeg
Sandwich with smoked Scottish salmon
Croque Monsieur (2 pieces) with garniture
Croque Madame (2 pieces with a fried egg)
Croque Boem-Boem (2 p.)
Linguine vegetables in a wok
Linguine with chicken in wok
Linguine with scampis in mild curry (8pc.)
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Shrimp croquettes wiht fried parsley
Cheese croquettes with garniture
Salad Niçoise
Salad with warm goat cheese
Salad with chicken and apples
Salad with fried scampi’s
Omelet ham or cheese or bacon or mushroom
Lasagne Bolognaise
Pizza with 4 cheeses
Hamburger/Fishburger/Veggieburger “De Luxe” with French fries
Hamburger/Fishburger/Veggieburger “De Luxe” with bacon and French fries
Hamburger/Fishburger/Veggieburger “De Luxe” with cheese and French fries
Hamburger/Fishburger/Veggieburger ” De Luxe” with bacon, cheese and French fries